Antipiox Antipiox Pediculocide Shampoo 150 ml

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Antipiox Antipiox Pediculocide Shampoo 150 ml

By Antipiox

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What is it: espumógena solution for the treatment of pediculosis. The active ingredient phenothrin gives this product an effective action in eliminating lice in adults and children over 2 years. How to use: carefully wash your hair and scalp by performing a continuous massage. Leave on for up to 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat treatment after 7 days if the infestation persists. Do not use electric dryer, as heat reduces the effect pediculicida precautions. In case of allergies consult your doctor ..

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브랜드 Antipiox
카테고리 구급약품
Size 150 ml
Fruugo ID 18684580-40973813
EAN 8425108000028
소매점 VRN ESB67129486