ANIMOSITY VOL. 3 by Bennett & Marguerite

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ANIMOSITY VOL. 3 by Bennett & Marguerite

By No Brand

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All animals are equal. But some are more equal than others. Thats the belief of a band of humans and animals that Jesse and Sandor encounter. In order to subjugate the bees they need to pollinate their harvest this alliance is holding the hives queen hostage. Jesse believes that if all animals have awoken then they should all be free. But when she releases the captive queen will the swarm return to their hive ... or will they come looking for payback Collecting issues 913 of the bestsel

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브랜드 No Brand
카테고리 Fiction
Author Bennett & Marguerite
Format Paperback softback
Language English
Number of Pages 120
Publication Date 2018-07-17
Publisher / Label Aftershock Comics
Fruugo ID 48577982-96439578
ISBN 9781935002567
소매점 VRN GB160565025