25 Sheets Of Tattoo Transfer Paper

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25 Sheets Of Tattoo Transfer Paper

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₩28,590 무료 배송

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4-layer transparent paper-The thermal template transfer paper consists of 4 layers: Apply the designed first layer of white master. 2 layers of translucent protective cloth before use; Layer 3 Navy carbon side; layer 4 yellow backing sheet. Wide range of applications-using transfer paper, you can go from the original source to the transfer paper, and finally record or engrave an image on the skin. Use template paper with a thermal copier. Or simply use a pen to draw a hand-drawn template on the original design. High-quality materials-The tattoo transfer paper is made of high-quality dyes and tattoo template paper, which can protect hands or clothes, and is non-toxic and tasteless. Widely used-used to transfer tattoo designs from paper to skin. Very suitable for beginners and tattooists. Super easy to use and very useful for tattoo work. The package includes a transfer paper set, which contains 25 stencil papers for tattoos. Professional transfer paper for tattoos or templates. Has a good transmission effect. Suitable for copy carbon tracking artists, tattoo artists, tattoo lovers, etc.

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