Facial Body Skin Dark Spot Remover - Mole Tattoo Removal Machine, Plasma Pen

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Facial Body Skin Dark Spot Remover - Mole Tattoo Removal Machine, Plasma Pen

  • 브랜드: Slowmoose
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Facial Body Skin Dark Spot Remover - Mole Tattoo Removal Machine, Plasma Pen. Features: 1. Stainless Steel Spot Pens Are Non-toxic, Hygienic, Uneasy to Rust for a Secure Use. 2. Adopted Technology and Electric Ion Carbonation Function, Improve Your Skin with Incredible Speed. 3. 5-speed Adjustable Power and Frequency Adjustment for Different Treatment, Which is Reliable, Useful and Convenient. 4. Unique Electric Ion Technology, It Has No Bleeding in the Process, No Side Effects After Using, Helps You Achieve the Medical Beauty. 5. This Product Simplify Complex Laser Instrumentation on the Market, Has Similar Effect of Wrinkle Mole Tatto Removal As Laser and It Has Relatively Low Energy and Frequency Compared to the Laser and the Degree of Skin Damage is Negligible. 6. Has a Strong Skin Rejuvenation Effect, Can Effectively Eliminate Wrinkles, Scars, Freckles, Etc., Make Your Skin Delicate and Soft. 7. By Carbonizing and then Melting Melanin to Reach the Existing CO2. 3 Head Function: Fine Needle Made of Lead-free Brass for Safe Use. It Can Use for Moles, Warts, Skin Tags, Freckles Dark Spot, Pigmentation Removal. Import Essence Head  1. Stimulate the Dermis Layer of the Skin, Help the Skin Absorb the Essence into the Dermis Layer, and Promote Skin Regeneration. 2. The Head Has High Penetration, Comparable to the MTS Effect. Firming Skinhead 1. It Has an Anti-wrinkle and Firming Effect on the Skin. 2. Applying Ampoule and Using Firming Skinhead to Effectively Reduce Wrinkles. 3. When Operation, the Skin Texture Can Be Pushed in the Opposite Direction. Packing Includes: 1 X Magic Plasma Pen    4 X Fine Needle    1 X Flat Round Head   1 X Striated Round Head 1 X Instruction Manual    1 X  An Adapter    . We are an international based seller that will ship your order from abroad, please at least a minimum 21 working days for delivery right now due to the ongoing delays in shipments globally.
  • 브랜드: Slowmoose
  • 카테고리: 문신
  • 타입: 6PCS Replace Needles
  • Fruugo ID: 51210493-102748290
  • EAN: 3243574132891
  • 판매자:: Slowmoose

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